First Impressions

I can always trust my first impressions – to be wrong! I have an absolute talent for it. I think I view the world on a bit of an odd angle.

I discovered LooseID in 2008 having been led there by furry hobbit feet. Lord of the Rings mania was still rife in the fan fiction world and a fellow writer pointed me in the direction of her book with LooseID and I was lost. Talk about falling into the pit!

My first few forays netted me some lovely stuff – more of them in later posts. One book which kept coming up was “Blue Ruin” by Katrina Strauss . I was tempted but it sounded a step too far for me – people tied to beds! And I didn’t much like the cover. O, what fools these mortals be! Little did I know.

I bought it and with in the first page had fallen over my own tongue tripping over Derek’s long legs – and so was to start a love affair which is still going strong and netted Katrina her first stalker. ‘Blue Ruin 4’ was published when I was on holiday and PC-less thus prompting me to buy a netbook in case she does it again with volume 5.

Derek – the ultimate drool worthy gay man. Sophisticated, talented, drop dead gorgeous; flawed and fussy and so needy – for a certain blue haired imp. And Blue – the twink I wish I could be so to cater to Derek’s every perverse whim, and be showered (literally) in his devotion.

I’ve learnt a lot from Derek. It’s a hoot! My sister says she can see me “Channelling my inner Derek” whenever I am called upon to deal with a pretty young man. A market researched approached me recently in town. He was small, young, blond and cute. He obviously though he was having a chat with a nice middle-aged lady who was flirting with him. Little did he realise he was actually talking to a 30-year-old, predatory, gay man who wanted to tie him to his bed and do things to his pert ass! My sister dragged me away before I started suggesting things I was not emotionally or physically equipped for

Derek has improved my confidence.

Katrina creates such great characters and her books are such fun. Scorching hot but also very funny. She is a tease at times. I love the bits where you think some perverted sex scene is taking place only to find it is actually Blue cleaning the grout. My favourite of these is the one where you think Blue and Derek are entering a S&M Dungeon but are in fact going grocery shopping! Katrina – you are a bad, bad girl.

The books have developed over the series and Katrina’s writing keeps getting better and better. And as for the covers. I love PL Nunn’s work now. Derek on the cover of 4 is just too sexy for words. Volume 3 has to be my favourite though as Derek really gets to let loose on Blue’s delectable ass.

Yes, Blue Ruin has been a big influence on my own writing. My 19th century ‘twink’ in “Wolf at the Door” (due out with LooseID next month) owes his masochistic side to Blue, though his partner falls far short of Derek, as he stumbles to find his way. I think my Gabriel and Katrina’s Blue would have a lot to talk about; especially when it came to wrapping their Master’s round their little fingers.

I am really looking forward to what Katrina has for us next. I love some of her other books too; particularly “Sleight of Hand,” and “Sonoran Heat” . We have been promised a Blue Ruin 5 as well as a spin-off series. See a free scorching short on her website. <a href="


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4 Responses to First Impressions

  1. Aw shucks, Angela! I’m blushing, and Derek is preening. Thank you.
    And congratulations on your upcoming release! It’s awesome to call you a fellow Loose Id author. 😀

    • Does Derek preening involve him running his fingers through that silken hair of his?

      Have you ever thought of dressing Derek in kimono? Or Blue in one of those Japanese archery outfits that are so, so sexy?

  2. I have not found a good excuse to dress either of them specifically in traditional Asian clothing, although I’ve aimed to sneak in similar visuals with Derek’s silk robe and Blue’s cosplay scene. 😉

  3. Derek’s hair on 4 was reminiscent of a Samurai top knot to me.

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