My heroes have always been cowboys…..
I am going to be totally self indulgent here and talk about my favourite cowboy.

Meet Cain. Big, sensitive, caring, compassionate, loves horses with a passion. He’s a bit reclusive but is fiercely loyal to his family. I mean, what’s not to droll over, especially if,like me, you were bought up on Westerns like “Lancer”, “Bonanza,” and “Alias Smith and Jones”. I love cowboys – always have, always will. Ok – there may be one slight problem. Cain is a demon – a dirty great flying demon.

This is the second in a series by Cameron Dane. Don’t worry if like me you are not interested in het because you don’t have to read the first one so really appreciate “Falling” – and boy do I appreciate it.

So there is Cain, living his life quite quietly, trying to stay out of trouble but aware that something is missing. Along comes the missing part of his life in the form of brutalised cowboy Luke looking for a place to stay and heal and finds it – in Cain’s heart. Sounds like the perfect romance? There’s a catch – if Cain acts on his lust for Luke it will result in his death.

I’m not giving any more away. I fell so hard for Cain. He’s so big and caring and vulnerable and so aching for love. Cameron’s has a lot of titles in her stable but this is the one which gets to me every time. If I cam feeling ill there is nothing I love so much as taking Luke and Cain to bed with me – on my trusty netbook! They make me feel better every time. As they heal each other they seem to have the power to heal me too.

As you would expect from Cameron the sex is scorching but the loving is so tender and sweet too. Caine and Luke seem so real to me. They could walk in my door and I would just offer them coffee and pancakes – before seeing if I could offer them use of my bed 🙂 I’m a bad, bad girl.

I love Cameron’s work but for my personal favourites I can also recommend the next in the sequence – “Knowing Caleb”, or branch off completely and go for “Grey’s Awakening” which will roast the socks right off your feet. O, heck, just read everything she has written!


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