Self indulgent

I’m having fun writing about some of my favourite books here. Can’t you tell? I was fortunate enough to be in on the beginning when David and Seth were just a couple of short stories. Jessica expanded them into, now, two books. Well written, exciting plot story, – – sod that – just read it for Seth. Seth is gorgeous. He’s troubled – and with his past he has a right to be. He does not see why anyone would want to have anything to do with him. The book is so heartbreakingly sweet in the way the two lovers want to look after each other. Everything seems to be against them. Seth has his own code of honour that makes him shine like the heroes of the books David is so fond of. He’s an old fashioned man of honour with a strong idea of what is right and wrong and how far he will go to fight for what he believes in. He could easily be the swashbuckling hero of old adventure stories – and I suppose that makes David his damsel in distress šŸ™‚ When everything goes to hell in a hand basket and Seth ends up facing up against his lover in a life or death situation my heart breaks for them. Don’t worry – there is a happy ending. If not I would have had to hunt Jessica down and yelled at her until she rewritten it I feel so strongly about these two deserving their happily ever after.

Also go check out Jessica’s site for some freebies. Do not miss the Stan and Gus stories. I think this is Jessica cutting loose and enjoying herself. You cannot believe a couple of fiends like Stan and Gus are written by the same author. These stories are so out there and funny. Stan and Gus are a couple of total idiots with almost no redeeming features other than their loyalty and love for each other. They crash around getting into the most perfectly impossibly situations – the zombie one is so sick and funny! Miss these at your peril as you will be missing a treat. I eagerly look forward to any more stories about these two lovable rogues – mostly I would like to know how on earth they got together in the first place.

Another of my favourites of Jessica’s, also from LooseID, is “Virgin”. It always makes me smile when she describes one of her characters walking into town “like a one man gay parade”. When Blake walks into town he meets up with Joam, lonely and fearful, not just of his brutish boss but also of himself and what he might be. The two of them do some exploring together and again it is sweet, hot and sexy. Two men in trouble coming together to save eachother. Gets me everytime.


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  1. Golly! You’re getting me all chocked up over my own stuff here, Angie. Thanks much for the props.

    *big hug*

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