I got it wrong again.

Harking back to my post about First Impressions. This was another good example of that for me. Jet Mykles – what can you say about Jet – worship, worship. http://www.loose-id.com/searchresult.aspx?CategoryID=26 It was another cover that was putting me off in my early days. I am such an idiot! One day I hope to be worthy of a PL Nunn cover now I get the whole manga thing.

Anyway I was happily reading the Heaven Sent series Very happily. I now read them while wearing my tour t-shirt for the band. I love having those pretty boys on my chest. But guess what, I got to “Hell” and just did not fancy it. Hell himself just did not appeal to me. You would have thought I would have learnt by now – and honestly, I now have.

Of course, “Hell” is now my favourite of the Heaven Sent series. I just adore Hell himself. I think I have a thing for delicate looking, androgynous men with brightly coloured hair – see earlier “Blue Ruin” post. 🙂 Jet keeps you guessing with this one. Is he a twink? Is he stringing Brent along? You’ll just have to read it and make your preconceptions afterwards. Hell is not what he seems – for a start he is a top. He’s talented, devoted and passionate. He is another of those magnetic men who know what he wants and goes all out to get it – I find that so seductive. Don’t let the fluffy exterior fool you.

I think my favourite scene (well, next to he one where he ‘has’ Brent on the sofa) is when Hell beats Johnnie at his beloved computer game and does the victory dance around the room. That is so funny!

My other favourite of Jet’s books is “Tech Support”. It’s a quirky little stand alone about true love overcoming the odds. There is just something about power men with an oriental slant sweeping geeks off their feet. Unlike Derek in “Blue Ruin” this one does not know his Alt from his Ctrl but he is still very, very sexy.

Check out the free reads on Jet’s site too. There are some real treats back there. Don’t miss the Jeff and Flynn ones. I so wish she would write a long story about this sexy duo. http://www.jetmykles.com/free-stories/


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One Response to I got it wrong again.

  1. Jet Mykles says:

    Thanks, Angela! I’m so glad you gave Hell a chance. He’s a cool little guy 😀

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