Sexy Snippets

The light from the auditorium fell upon a face that would have been more at home on the bust of a Roman emperor. He was as pale as some of those marble visages too. Dark hair fell back in a glossy wave from a high brow to flow around his shoulders. His features were commanding, lips full beneath an elegantly long nose, but it was his eyes that caught and held me. They were the eyes of some wild animal, gleaming in the half-light, predatory. If he had licked his lips then and there, he could not have strengthened the impression more.
“I am so sorry.” I was mortified. “Forgive the intrusion. I have mistaken my way.”


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2 Responses to Sexy Snippets

  1. kirutaye says:

    Who’s the dark stranger? I’d like to know. Welcome to sexy snippets.

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