Hi and thanks for stopping by.

At the moment there is not much here but I am working on it. Give me time. Yes, at the moment I am throwing stuff at it and seeing what sticks.

I’m a small town English girl who has lived my whole life within 8 miles of where I was born. My imagination though has been all over the place. I’ve got a rotten sense of humour and my spelling is even worse.

Always conflicted between a love of travel (so far Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, New York, California, Arizona, China, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Greece and Crete) and a love of staying at home – yes, with two cats – I lose myself in reading and writing.

I have a passion for the 19th century in art and literature, and for beautiful men who know what they want and are not afraid to bend over to get it.

I currently live with two cats, Jake and Elwood, in a village in the middle of England. My partner has a permanently indulgent/bemused look on his face when he is not laughing at my typos.

I take inspiration from where I can get it and love movies that inspire me and books that I can get lost in. I love things to be a little bit different.

I’m 45, aspergers and dyslexic and don’t intend to let any of those stop me. I love manga and assume all beautiful boys between 18 and 28 are twinks looking for a firm handed daddy.


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